Best Chicken-Industrial Complex: The Hamilton RoFo

One business empire has trained its sights on a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood. Their sinister plan? To construct massive vats of hazardous materials in the name of profit—and that’s just the deep-fryers. Royal Farms has been fighting to move its Harford Road location a few blocks north, a battle that’s seen a revolution in the neighborhood’s community association, ire trained at its councilmember, and the creation of the activist group NO RoFo Hamilton. Their new location would consume the majority of a city block with a new larger store, expansive parking lot, and huge gas station. It’s the gas station and its underground storage tanks that really have neighborhood residents upset. In fact, we haven’t seen Harford Road residents band together to keep something greasy out of the area since the invasion of the perverts in “A Dirty Shame.”

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