Best Cheap Breakfast: New Wyman Park Restaurant

138 W. 25th St., (410) 235-5100

If you’re looking for crab benedicts, bloody marys with Old Bay rims, or farm-to-table blood sausage with pure Vermont maple syrup, you’d best skip New Wyman Park Restaurant—it doesn’t do trendy. But if you’re looking to spend much less for a whole bunch of soul-quenching, greasy-spoon breakfast food, you’ve found the right place. Tucked into an unsuspecting corner off Howard and 25th Street, New Wyman Park reminds us of the more well-known Pete’s Grille in Waverly, but with a bit more grit and way smaller crowds. We’re not sure what’s “new” about it—it looks like it hasn’t changed in decades—but that’s exactly what we like about it. That, and its friendly but no-bullshit service, quick-but-satisfying grub, and corned beef hash, which is equal parts delicious and a major concern for your heart doctor.

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