Best Cartoon: 'A Family Affair'

Ed Schrader and Kevin Sherry’s minute-long animated spoofs on family sitcoms of the ’80s feature a family (all voiced by Schrader) composed of a mother who never gets off the phone, a dick-hole of a dad, and a brooding son. Oh and meanwhile, David Bowie (also voiced by Schrader) appears as a Kramer-esque prankster next-door neighbor who steals groceries, gives the house roaches, and accidentally gets the dog high. Despite the chaos factor of Bowie and the playful “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist”-like animation, “A Family Affair” is as cringe-inducing as it is hilarious in its accurate portrayal of the mundane horrors of suburban family life, like arguing about how to wash a cat in a bathtub with your pissed-off parents (and David Bowie).

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