Best Bus Line: Quick Bus 48

Yeah, we’ve all heard about how terrible Baltimore’s bus system is, and that’s largely true. Buses often don’t operate on reliable schedules, as anyone who has waited for the phantom 27 or watched multiple 11s go by as the 3 never appears can tell you. If you’re traveling by bus and need to be somewhere at a specific time—say, to a job or school or some silly thing like that—you’ve got to build in serious wait times, or get used to saying “the bus was late” and hope the boss understands. It’s part of the expense of being poor in Baltimore. But it’s not all bad, as riders of the Quick Bus 48, which runs from Towson to the University of Maryland Transit Center along York Road/Greenmount, will tell you. Shorter and with fewer stops along the line, the 48 runs reliably (for a bus) every 15 minutes and can get you there faster than driving and parking, a reminder that the bus can work, with more shorter routes and more buses more often.

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