Best Burger: Clark Burger

5906 York Road, (410) 323-2356,

This might be a controversial choice, because Clark Burger’s titular entrees aren’t the big meaty behemoths that most Baltimoreans know and love—these burgers cap out at 1/3 pound. But what they lack in sheer meaty mass, they more than make up for in flavor and they’re still surprisingly juicy, even though the burgers can only be cooked well done because of their slim size. And the toppings that Clark Burger pairs with its meat is just as tantalizing, such as the Charmer, which has blue cheese, smoked bacon, minced onion, and tiger sauce all on a blackened burger. Or for something more artery-clogging, go with the poutine burger with fries, squeaky cheese, and rich herb-laden gravy. Still mad that your favorite half-pound burger didn’t win? Don’t worry, you can easily make these burgers a double or even a triple, you glutton, you.

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