Best Bullshit Apology: Fox 45

Back in December amid protests in Baltimore surrounding the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, the slime balls over at Baltimore’s Fox affiliate ran a clip of activist Tawanda Jones—whose brother, Tyrone West, died in police custody in Baltimore in July of 2013—chanting, “We won’t stop/ We can’t stop/ Till killer cops/ Are in cell blocks,” and cut the chant short and claimed she said, “We won’t stop/ We can’t stop/ So kill a cop.” The station was immediately challenged and the next night they offered up an “apology” with Jones in the studio, only they never said what they were apologizing for and only allowed Jones to comment on police brutality, which does not make up for the fact that they grossly misrepresented what Jones said. Since then Jones has said she feels unsafe because of her reputation as someone calling for the murder of cops. And Fox, who claimed they’d have Jones back frequently, haven’t followed up once.

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