Best Brutal Holdout: McKeldin Square

Brutalist structures, with their raw concrete and fortress-like heft, aren’t for everyone, but they’re undoubtedly a unique facet of architectural history. They’re monolithic temples to the Cold War—behemoths of minimal and mute reflection. The current fashion is to let brutalist buildings and spaces languish, then declare them a failure to justify new development. McKeldin Fountain, designed by Thomas Todd, opened in 1982 in the heart of downtown. It’s a beautifully heavy relic that too many people overlook, but not the diverse people who actually, physically convene and share ideas in our city. With the #blacklivesmatter protests, Occupy Baltimore, and futurist cosplayers from Otakon making McKeldin Square their home, we hope that Baltimore continues to buck the trends and decides to preserve this piece of Brutal concrete for generations to come.

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