Best Beat-maker: DJ Dizzy

DJ Dizzy is the arch-nemesis of any Baltimore club producer who takes him or herself too seriously. Fully immersed in today’s meme culture of viral videos and hilarious six-second Vine clips, the 19-year-old producer found his niche by sampling the Internet’s favorite inside jokes, including ‘You’re Not My Dad!,’ ‘My Pussy Pops Severely,’ and everyone’s favorite, ‘P.O.P. Hold It Down.’ Even well-known tracks such as Lor Scoota’s ‘Bird Flu’ and Beyoncé’s ‘7/11’ are creatively re-imagined in signature club music fashion. Dizzy effortlessly skates past dismissive descriptors like “corny” and “done before” and well into “next level” with expertly chopped samples, hyperactive break beats, and an energy level that envies the best Bmore/Philly/Jersey club music.

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