Best Bar for Kids: Curb Shoppe

5736 Falls Road, (410) 433-8299,

Sometimes you have a hankering for a little daytime booze—not a lot, mind you, just a little nip, maybe with lunch or to relax after a tough day—but you’ve got the kids, dammit. Well, leave your outdated conventional wisdom behind: Bars are great for kids. They’re full of friendly people with stories to tell and, if you pick the right one, offer a peek into the not-so-scary adult world. Mount Washington’s dive-y Curb Shoppe is perfect for that. It’s filled largely with local moms and dads who prefer a less stuffy watering hole than the nearby Mt. Washington Tavern, who choose Budweiser over the coconut porter or whatever is on tap at the Nickel Taphouse, also nearby. They’ve got great burgers and are only too happy to serve kids sitting at the tables along the wall (still illegal for kids to sit at the actual bar). The jukebox is full of pop songs and patrons are (usually) happy to help kids pick them, plus the occasional game of kids vs. grown-ups billiards has been known to go down.

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