Best Band: Wume

One of the reasons we love Wume is that it isn’t what a lot of people think of when they think band, i.e. four dudes still, basically, doing the Beatles thang. But the duo of April Camlin and the delirious synths of Albert Schatz make some of the most interesting music we’ve heard in a long time. The lack of guitars and all that shit lets Camlin’s drums stick out as the star of the show—really, we mean she just fucking slays the things with a super-controlled and precise, yet passionate approach that pushes rhythm to the edge of melody. Behind that thudding drive, which really does come across more like a character in a movie than a rhythm track, Schatz’s atmospheric propulsions create the air and the room and the world within which those drums can exist, almost entirely subverting the standard relationship between instruments in rock.

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