Best Baltimorean: Kevin Moore

If it weren’t for Kevin Moore, the world would probably never know the name Freddie Gray. It was Moore who pointed his camera phone and taped Baltimore police as they dragged Gray into a police van while he screamed in pain. The video went viral, leading to protests and, when Gray died a week later from injuries sustained during his arrest and transport, the video became exhibit A for Baltimore residents fed up with mistreatment by police. Thanks to the democratization of technology, the world knows the names and plights of Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, John Crawford, Tamir Rice, and Samuel DuBose, unlike the countless others who no doubt endured similar circumstances, but were never documented. As Moore said with tears in his eyes after Marilyn Mosby announced the indictments of six police officers in Gray’s death, “I finally made a difference in the world.” Yes he did.

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