Best Artist: Alex Ebstein

At first glance, Alex Ebstein’s recent work wouldn’t look out of place in the BMA’s Cone Collection. But her colorful abstractions aren’t really “paintings” in the Joan Miró sense and they’re not quite “collages” in the Matisse sense, either. They’re cut-up-and-reassembled yoga mats—a medium very much of this century. These are just the latest inventive approach to image-making in Ebstein’s crazy-prolific oeuvre, and it’s been a privilege to witness her practice continually evolve and push the boundaries of various media. And beyond her innovative studio practice, few other artists have worked as hard as Alex Ebstein to push the boundaries of curation, criticism, and art-world exposure for Baltimore’s creative community. From her time as a gallerist at Nudashank to her contributions to City Paper and Bmore Art, she’s helped put Baltimore’s art scene on the map in a huge way.

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