Best Adaptation: 'The World Is Round' by Gertrude Stein, adapted by Lola B. Pierson

The Acme Corporation/Annex Theater,

Not only did Lola B. Pierson’s adaptation of Gertrude Stein’s children’s book remind people that yes, the pioneer of American literary modernism wrote a children’s book, but it also brilliantly interpreted the book’s nonlinear narrative and Stein’s playful lyricism. With a gorgeous original score by Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner, mock-Broadway show tunes and choreography, projections, a wildly dynamic ensemble cast, and the painfully real anxiety of actor Cricket Arrison as Stein’s young heroine Rose, the co-production between The Acme Corporation and Annex Theater proved to be one of the year’s best plays and an incredibly creative adaptation of an already-innovative work.

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