Best Upscale Fail

City Paper

512 York Road , (443) 687-0292,

This city just is not interested in a swanky, get-all-dolled-up-and-pay-a-pricey-cover night club. Baltimore’s latest victim: Torrent Night Club. We can’t really blame the folks at Torrent for trying: The interior of this dance hall radiates class,with its icy blue accents and cool leather seating. Yet, Baltimore’s youth parades in dressed to impress at a local frat house rather than a dimly lit, beat-banging venue with a $20 cover. Granted, Torrent’s bottle service shtick makes no sense in Towson, and Charm City is a quintessential bar town anyway, but the combination of clueless clientele and inexplicable location make this a fail on all accounts.

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