Best Salsa Club (That We Hope Comes Back)

City Paper

509 S. Broadway, (410) 522-6700,

We will no longer hear the dulcet tones of “Iiiittt’s pah-ty time!” announced loudly at midnight in The Latin Palace. The Baltimore City licensing department has given it a two-month suspension for several violations, including a “live entertainment” restriction that has been in effect since 1998. The rebels have partied on for years, with no backlash. So the question is, why now? In its long operation, the Latin Palace has proven to be the most party-ready of the salsa clubs, with a generous mix of freestyle and Latin dance, well-attended holiday bashes and parties (the mayor even claims to have celebrated her 40th birthday here), and a spirit of fun that its classier cousins just don’t have. We will be sad to see it go, but the fight is not over yet. There is a petition online reaching out to fellow “party people” for support. 

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