Best Literal Happy Hour

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Happy Hour has degenerated into a sot’s spectacle, with the focus on getting shitfaced, as opposed to a happy hour, a respite phase, during which one might unwind and get ready to go home, perhaps go out for dinner, or possibly engage in an evening’s entertainment plan that’s a little more elegant than getting blasted. In this era of the three- and four-hour happy hour, not to mention uninspired drink specials labelled as happy hour, or worse, “late night” happy hours, we raise our glass to the class at the bar of Johnny’s Restaurant and its Classic Cocktail Hour, which runs from 5-6 p.m. on Mondays and features a special cocktail for the evening (recently “The Dandy,” comprised of Bulleit Rye, Dubonnet Rouge, orange juice, and a dash of bitters, yum), priced at 55 cents—yes, that’s not a typo, a little over half a buck—but don’t think that means you’re gonna be knockin’  ‘em back like a pitcher of Kamikazes at a frat-boy/woo-girl bar. There’s a limit of two per person, a perfect portion to set the mood for the beginning of a great night. Cheers.

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