Best Liquor Store/Bar to Watch Weird Sports in

City Paper

1218 N. Charles St., (443) 759-8531,

The liquor store half of Aloha Sushi is the only place in the Mount Vernon Belvedere Midtown area to buy beer and liquor on a Sunday. We often stumble in after a few Bloody Marys elsewhere, still trying to shake the cobwebs from our eyes. But a lot of folks will buy a single can from the cooler and stand around the circular tables perched beneath a TV, which often shows baseball and football games—but was especially packed during the World Cup, and a few times we’ve seen games we couldn’t even name. Cricket? Jai alai? Beats us, but it’s a cool vibe and everybody’s welcoming. So, instead of just passing through, belly up to the table and ask: What they hell are y’all watching? 

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