Best Journalists' Bar

City Paper

328 N. Charles St., (410) 539-7504,

Reporters and editors might not be as bibulous as they used to be. But we can still put down a few, and for our staff at least, when our long Monday night production is done and the paper is put to bed, we head straight to O’Shea’s for a couple pints and some rye whiskey. Turns out, we’re not the only ones. We’ve bumped into our fellow sodden scribes and ink-stained wretches from the Sun—it is right up the hill, after all—and even the radio crew from the Real News Network. The backroom even provided the locale for a Sun/ City Paper happy hour, where the ping-pong table helped us further some of the friendly competition we feel with our brethren down the stairs. Dave, the manager, will tell you when he likes one of your stories—and when he hates one. So, if you’re looking to find someone to feed a juicy tip to and don’t trust electronic communication or corporate office buildings, sidle on up to the bar about 10 o’clock on a Monday night and listen for the complaining. 

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