Best Dance Party

City Paper

This dance party held at The Crown and put together by Abdu Ali and writer (and City Paper contributor) Lawrence Burney is like a glimpse into the future, overloading your senses every two months with super cool out-of-town acts like Junglepussy and B L A C K I E and well-curated local acts including Dan Deacon, Natural Velvet, Butch Dawson, Scottie B, Chrissy Vasquez, and more. Electronic beats, fractured samples, trippy projections, out-there guitar music, broken R&B, avant-rap, and post-everything DJs are the sounds you’ll hear there, and it’s like you’re actually experiencing Internet weirdness IRL. Kahlon genuinely takes all kinds. And at one event where Abdu and Burney’s utopianism rubbed a couple hip-hop knuckleheads the wrong way, leading to them make jokes at the expense of some queer attendees, Burney got on the mic and politely called their dumbasses out. There are lines out the door for this thing, and for good reason.

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