Best Unheralded Death

City Paper

A feared and respected construction union boss in the 1960s, Guido Iozzi got “jammed up,” as they say, after ordering a hit on a union leader who crossed his picket line. Two murders ensued, followed by witness recantations and before long Iozzi was in the dock for extortion. The main witness against him was shot in the head by federal agents in a bizarre hunting accident. Sent to prison for 15 years, Iozzi befriended Jimmy Hoffa, played tennis very well, and got out in five on “good behavior,” returning in the late ’70s to union work of the old school sort. Then he faded out of public notoriety. When Iozzi died on March 23, 2014, at the age of 83, The Sun ran a short death notice. The man who once threw parties for hundreds of guests including politicians had only three well-wishers sign his online guest book. Such are the wages of mistaken infamy in a town that—according to all relevant public officials—has never known organized crime.

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