Best TV Journalist

City Paper

They pass around a glass-looking cube in the promos for WJZ. According to our sources at one of Baltimore’s oldest stations, getting the cube—proudly handed off in neighborhood after neighborhood from anchor to reporter to anchor—in one of those spots is something like a badge of honor within the newsroom. But Meghan McCorkell hasn’t gotten the cube. McCorkell, who won an Emmy as a producer at WJLA in DC and was nominated for one while she was at WTTG, has been diligently and sensitively covering the killings of Kandy Hall and Mia Henderson, members of the city’s LGBT community. McCorkell is also known for her exclusive coverage of dancer Misty Copeland, the second black soloist in the history of the American Ballet Theater, signing with Under Armour, and performer Chelsea Plymale, who is catching heat for her boardwalk pole-dancing act in Ocean City. McCorkell has also covered local reaction to the Gaza conflict in Baltimore’s Jewish and Palestinian communities. Guys, give McCorkell the cube already, she’s earned it.

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