Best TV Drama

City Paper

The celebrated Shakespearean Netflix show “House of Cards” made news when its producer sent a threatening letter to Governor O’Malley: Give us $13 million more sweet tax-break juice or we’ll pack up and head where the subsidies are greener. It was a perfectly Frank Underwood thing to do, and frankly understood as such by everyone. It was also a wake-up call to the legislature, that it might reform the ridiculous matrix of taxpayer handouts undergirding some of the most profitable business enterprises in the state. In the right hands it might have sparked a counter-revolution, prompting other states to knock off this bullshit. But no. Instead the state’s lawmakers hemmed and hawed, cowered, and finally made a transparently empty, pointless, and incoherent threat to seize by eminent domain the very same stuff “House of Cards” had threatened to abandon. The bad guys got their money and the craven pols got their photo op. Truly a Hollywood ending.

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