Best Reason for An Asteroid to Hit Our Planet

City Paper

There were worse things happening in the world on July 23: the downing of a passenger jet in Ukraine, the continued shelling of Gaza, the spread of Ebola across West Africa. But we really gave up on the world on that day when we saw the photo of a graffiti-covered deer on the side of the 28th Street JFX exit ramp, posted on Twitter by @DrRockt0pus and sent viral by Gawker. (“Every day I wake up angry that the asteroid didn’t come in the middle of the night to solve the problem that is humanity,” wrote Gawker commenter bigfatweirdo.) Who tags a dead deer? In the timeless saga of Man versus Nature, this is just Man running up the score. When the asteroid comes, let it hit right there on the highway where the deer got tagged, and may the universe remember why the gods decided to smite Baltimore first.

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