Best Publication Not Owned by the Tribune Company

City Paper

2519 N. Charles St., (410) 554-8200,

It wasn’t easy to pick a winner in this category since the Tribune has bought up nearly every publication in town, including our humble outfit, and most newspapers are struggling to survive in the face of the internet’s onslaught of breaking news, cat videos, and listicles. The AFRO is the nation’s longest-running African-American family newspaper in the United States, gracing our streets from its nascent birth in 1892 through its explosion in 1922 when Carl Murphy took control and served as editor for a staggering 45 years. Today’s AFRO draws many of its stories from wire services—that’s what survival in print looks like for many publications these days—but it is also the go-to source for news that many mainstream predominantly white-owned-and-operated publications, including the one you’re holding right now, don’t cover. We applaud the AFRO for managing to so far escape the grasp of the increasingly consolidated media oligarchy.

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