Best Plain Brown Wrapper

City Paper

Quick, can you name the Democratic candidate who just won his party’s nomination to succeed Governor Martin O’Malley? Okay, we gave it away already. But can you name anything that Brown has actually done as Lieutenant Governor that suggests he might deserve a promotion? Can you summarize any position advocated by O’Malley’s chosen heir? Neither can we, and we’ve heard him give speeches and answer questions from radio hosts. On the downside, we know he has been blamed for the failed start of Maryland’s health insurance exchange. Brown, parsing his way around any responsibility for the mess, points out that the system is now up and running. But leaving that aside, what has Brown done right? What does he believe? What will he do? The stock answer is, “He will continue O’Malley’s policies.” In fact, anyone who would like to see O’Malley’s legacy continue should be alarmed by Brown’s complete lack of affect, his monotonous recitation of committee-drafted talking points and Democratic platitudes, his overall failure to distinguish himself by word or deed. GOP nominee Larry Hogan Jr. sniffs blood in the water; he surely remembers the last time Maryland Dems ran an ultra-lame lieutenant governor for the top job. Her middle name was Kennedy. Even that didn’t help.

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