Best Next Cave-in

City Paper

April showers bring massive street collapses, amirite?! About five months ago, when part of East 26th Street tumbled onto the CSX train tracks, we thought, “Wonder where it’s gonna happen next.” Our guess, which (CAVEAT! CAVEAT! DISCLOSURE!) is based on nothing but paranoia and uninformed observation and absolutely zero experience with engineering (we totally failed those mechanical aptitude tests in grammar school), is Clipper Mill Road right between the Komar warehouse and the Falls Road intersection. That stretch was closed for construction for, like, ever a few years back, which is weirdly reassuring. But the road is always wet right there, and the pavement just sort of ends right before a precipitous drop to the Jones Falls. Don’t consider this an investigative report. We’re just sayin’: It gives us the willies.

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