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Ed Schrader does lots of things very well. Most importantly, there’s his punchy, post-punky band, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat. Then there’s his oddball talk show, his defunct sports column for this very paper, and his highly entertaining Twitter feed. Peak Schrader-dom achieved in this tweet: “I (not realizing his drug policy) offered Ian MacKaye a bit of the old green stuff last night,I apologized—he said ‘it’s cool I’m an adult.’” Then there’s his Instagram account, which houses the Frasier Pic O’ The Day. Yep, a usually weird-as-hell screengrab from a random episode of everyone’s favorite ’90s sitcom about a Seattle psychiatrist with a pretentious speech pattern (currently streaming on Netflix!) posted fairly frequently. Just to name a few: Frasier’s dad looking uncomfortable in a hot tub; Frasier dressed up like a creepy clown; Frasier in a baby bonnet; Frasier touching Sir Patrick Stewart’s chest; Niles at a shooting range, head cocked to the side looking bad-ass. And more!

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