Best Horn Solo

City Paper

If the Baltimore Brew had a Best of Baltimore issue, we can be pretty sure who would win all of the awards: The Brew. We love the Brew too. The reporting of Fern Shen and Mark Reutter is essential—when we were on the other end of it, they were thorough and fair, if also sometimes horribly wrong or inaccurate. But still, we understand the difficult economics of this business. It leads to unpleasant things—pick the City Paper ad you find most distasteful. But it’s a little weird when a news organization spends a lot of effort continually pointing out how good its own reporting is. It started when Next City praised the Brew and they ran a big story about it and from there it seemed to go downhill, with every follow-up story not just pointing readers to the site’s previous coverage, but somehow remarking how good it was. This year, we hope the Brew continues to focus outward—and that they get enough money that they don’t feel like they have to keep pointing out how great they are in order to survive.

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