Best Figurative Cave-In

City Paper

City Paper’s erstwhile art director for life, “Mr. Wrong” columnist, everybody’s pal, Joe MacLeod was unceremoniously and without explanation fired after 25 years of celebrated service by CP’s former owner, Scranton, Pennsylvania-based Times-Shamrock Communications (TS) in March, on the day CP was taken over by Baltimore Sun Media Group (BSMG). Unlike everyone else who wasn’t hired by BSMG, MacLeod was not given a TS severance package, and when a requested explanation was eventually given by TS CEO Scott Lynett, it was completely bogus. Eventually, after TS chose not to make MacLeod whole, he resorted to the courts in June, and in August he dismissed the case. The terms of the settlement are confidential, but we know MacLeod, and he’d never have ended this without getting every penny he was entitled to, and then some. So we celebrate his victory, certain that the ordeal cost him nothing but delay—and cost TS more money than if it had simply done the right thing in the first place, while also making the company look like a spoiled bully. Hopefully, the boys in Scranton will take this as a learning experience, since it seems they have some growing up to do.

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