Best Double Dealer

City Paper

Fred Douglas Brooks III used to be known as world-class drug dealer who became a world-class snitch, thanks to a series of City Paper articles published in 2008. Now, thanks to law enforcers’ efforts in New Orleans and Baltimore, Brooks is alleged to be a big-time drug trafficker again. His recent shadowy endeavors came to light this summer, when U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents filed a search warrant in federal court to raid a Pikesville residence, providing the first public glimpse of a wide-ranging probe into Brooks’ activities that resulted in two cases brought against Brooks and eight others in New Orleans, plus another seven men in Maryland. How such a player, whose cooperation brought down cartel figures in the mid-2000s, could return to the drug trade may never be known. But if Brooks actually did what investigators say he did—and they say he admitted to overseeing a major heroin-moving network when he was first detained in Houston in late June—well, he’s been working both sides of the fence so prodigiously he qualifies as a world-class double dealer.

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