Best Crime Superfecta

City Paper

Heroin coming from Africa to Baltimore—check. Old-school gangster returning to the game—check. A gangster doubling as a gang-interventionist—check. Plying the street trade for the Black Guerilla Family (BGF) prison gang—check. Nathan “Bodie” Barksdale hit all of these well-covered crime themes last fall, when he was charged with dealing heroin from Africa on behalf of the BGF while working for the gang-interventionist group Safe Streets, heralding a return to his legendary exploits. Barksdale, who was profiled in a 2009 CP feature about a film that explored his violent life back in the day that he presumed was the basis of the Avon Barksdale character in “The Wire,” ultimately pleaded guilty earlier this year, and got a four-year prison sentence. Congratulations, Mr. Barksdale, you’ve now won a rare crime superfecta!

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