Best Burglary

City Paper

The news dawned slowly, taking a week to make the police blotter and another few days to get legs. On March 16 someone who knows how to handle a big rig took one from Hale Trucking’s transport yard at 7020 Quad Avenue and hooked up a whole shipping container full of Hennessy Cognac—2,142 cases, according to police. Police soon recovered the truck and the container, but the booze itself appears to have scattered to the wind. Caches of it have turned up fitfully since then—a bottle here, a dozen bottles there—as state revenue agents make the rounds, reading lot numbers. So far the liquor-store owners caught with the stolen hooch are saying they got it in exchange, refunding money for an unopened bottle here and there. It’s a hell of a way to move a half-million bucks’ worth of stolen cargo, and we hope the full story can one day be told.

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