Best Bodybuilder

City Paper

Bodybuilding is all about showing off your muscles, something Baltimore’s Gerald Lamont Jones does well. A competitive bodybuilder who owns a Gold’s Gym franchise in Owings Mills, Jones has been on the circuit for years as both a competitor and a promoter of the Charm City Classic. Last fall, though, Jones’ alleged prowess in another field—high-volume cocaine trafficking–was described in federal court documents that painted him as a ringleader in a scheme responsible for truly historic quantities—as much as 3,000 kilograms!—of coke brought east from California. The documents came to light after one of Jones’ employees, George Sylvester Frink Jr., was arrested last October, days before Jones competed at the International Drug Free Athletics bodybuilding championships in Ontario. Frink has since copped to possessing 14 kilograms of cocaine and laundering money—but Jones still hasn’t been charged with any crimes, so the feds’ allegations amount to just muscle-flexing, so far.

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