Best Betrayal

City Paper

When Equality Maryland endorsed the Anthony Brown/Ken Ulman ticket in this year’s Democratic primary, eyebrows went up. Why would the state’s largest LGBT political organization not back Heather Mizeur, one of its own, and her running mate Delman Coates, a pastor from Prince George’s County whose public support of marriage equality was pivotal in making Maryland the first state to uphold same-sex marriage rights by public vote? Mizeur asked these questions, wondering what more her ticket could have done to earn the organization’s endorsement. Equality Maryland called sour grapes, arguing that Brown/Ulman were strong backers of the LGBT community, and indeed Brown’s work as lieutenant governor supports that claim. But more worthy that Mizeur/Coates? Could that have anything to do with the increased chance of Brown winning the election? We don’t want to be cynics, but our eyebrows are still up.

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