Best "Anchorman"

City Paper

Man, are we going to miss that hair. Don Scott, WJZ’s straight man to Marty Bass on the station’s morning show for the past 30 years, retired this year after four decades at the station. Don Scott is a class act and our real-life Ron Burgundy. In the station’s tribute clip, he asks a muppet about his hygiene, sings in an opera, rolls around the station on a folded table to simulate the luge, wears a kilt, makes an appearance in the film “Random Hearts,” and laughs it up. A lot. So much that it makes us wonder what’s really in the coffee mug that’s forever at his elbow on the desk. In his farewell to viewers, he asked a packed newsroom, “What are all these people doing in my room?” But the most amazing facet of Scott’s career is the pride he obviously took in his hair. That pate hasn’t changed in 40 years and it still maintains “the dry look,” popular since the ’70s. See ya Don. City Paper will miss you.

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