Best Actual Cave-In

City Paper

If you saw it in a movie, you would say it looked fake. The most-viewed video of the incident—shot by the custodian of a nearby church—opens with the south side of 26th Street, between Charles and St. Paul streets, tilting ominously toward the CSX tracks below. Slowly, the hapless cars ebb from view and then everything—cars, streetlamps, trees—disappears from view in a giant crash and a mist of dust rises from the chasm. Remarkably no one was killed or even injured in the collapse, which residents had warned the city and CSX about for years, only to be ignored. Even many of the cars seemed to drift down intact, only to be purposefully destroyed by CSX in a Mussolinian effort to get the trains to run on time. Of course, it was only the beginning of the ordeal for 26th Street residents, who were displaced from their homes for over a month, but for the awesome display of destruction—and a demonstration of the state of our crumbling infrastructure—the spectacle could not be beat.

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