Best Regional Vape Shop Names

City Paper

Back in April, City Paper’s Van Smith detailed his personal case of the vapors (“Nic Fit,” April 9, 2014), examining the science (and commerce) behind vaping while detailing his initial moves to break the spell of the demon weed of tobacco, while also listing business names of the rapidly spreading cloud of online and brick-and-mortar vape shops in the region, thereby providing the flimsy justification for this list. Breathe deep.

The Vapory

Bmore Vapes

Mystic Vape

Gypsy Vape


Crowd Vapor

Great White Vape 

Madd Catt Vapors 

The Vapepad

Vapin Time

Vaper’s Knoll

All Day Vapors

Vapor Gators


Vaping Apes

Vapor Hut

Vaping Hut

Vapist MD 

Vapor Moon

Mean Street Vapor

The Vape Bros 

Vape Frog 

Planet Of The Vapes** 

Vapor Jacks


The Vapers’ Edge

Vapor Villa

Vape Dojo*

Kahuna Vapor

Class 5 Vapor

Vape Chalet

Two Tone Vapors


*Best of The Best.

** Runner-up.

*** Second Runner-up.

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