Best Proof Ozzy Osbourne is a Greedy and Soulless Piece of Shit

City Paper

He’s been painted as a benevolent, doddering puppet ruthlessly manipulated by his strictly-business wife, and we celebrate his entire catalog, but still, it’s John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne’s nickname that used to be on that deadly can (or tap, or bottle) of Belgian-style, Devil-style liquid succor, and so the weight’s all on the so-called Prince of Darkness for being a greedy pig and not reaching an amicable agreement with the beermasters at The Brewer’s Art, who created and dispensed, for years, the potent potable (7.25 percent ABV) known as Ozzy. So forever hence, we respect the name change, raise our glass, and flip our free middle digit at the repudiator of a sincere tribute. Ozzy is dead. Hail Beazly!

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