Best Place To Get Poked

City Paper

1008 W. 36th St., (443) 799-4148,

Have a headache or chronic knee pain or insomnia, or want to quit smoking, or just need a quiet break in the day to recenter? Acupuncture is a proven treatment for all that ails, but unless you’ve got fancy health insurance, it can be out of reach financially. Not so at this place, where treatment runs $25 per session, with monthly discounts for a chosen group of folks–teachers, bicyclists, service workers, an-d artists have all enjoyed $15 treatments in 2014. The “community” part means sharing the space with a few other people, but the clinicians here make everybody feel like the only client. And at that price, who cares if you occasionally have to hear the snores of a neighbor taking an acunap?

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