Best Place to Buy Gifts

City Paper

1000 Lancaster St., #130, (410) 727-6262,

When we need a pleasing and possibly useful gift, you know, the kind of lux item that you want for yourself, Curiosity is the best place to throw down. From the momma-momma refillable wine bag for a bestie, a minuscule horseshoe necklace in gun metal grey for your sista, gorge sterling silver spoons and lovely little ceramic bowls for the boss, the cutest kids crap nobody needs but everyone loves, comely shell picture frames for a stepmother, little sets of gourmet tea and basket strainers and handsome mugs for the lady who watches your cat, tea towels with gold embroidered crown for a gay best friend, rustic rolling pins for a chef/neighbor, loads of nautical-themed tchotchkes for out-of-towners or the beach house rental owners, bar-worthy cocktail picks for your brother-in-law, delicious candles worth the price of admission for your husband, and pretty cards to match all the gifticals and recipients.

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