Best Pickles

City Paper

2724 Remington Ave., (410) 243-2444,

Put down that jar of unnaturally green grocery store dill pickles and pick up a jar of our own locally born and bred artisan pickled cucumbers, okra, or green beans in such fancy flavors as Lemongrass-Dill, Habanero Bread and Butter, Chipotle Garlic Dill, or our favorite, Old Bay and Onion Pickle Chips. These delicious, crispy, savory treats used to be available only at area farmers markets and the occasional specialty shop, but check out their new storefront in Remington for a surprisingly reasonably priced addition to that hot dog the 7-Eleven across the street’s selling. Their hours vary, so call ahead or check out their Facebook page for details. Oh, and we like to save the Old Bay and Onion brine for your Bloody Mary, if we manage not to drink it first.

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