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33 E. 21st St., (410) 528-1868,

We love good craftsmanship. We also love shooting film when we can. Thankfully, we can combine those two and take the result of a shoot to Full Circle Ltd. There’s something awesome in knowing that your film or prints will be processed by hand and not by a massive impersonal machine. Full Circle has been operating since 1987, when panoramic photographer David Orbock opened it to hook his fellow photographer friends with framing and processing. Thankfully, Full Circle rode out the digital storm that took  Baltimore’s other small labs like Artography down. The lab is housed in quaint brownstone that also doubles as a gallery. And the staff at Full Circle are all artists in their own right, so they know the importance of a good-looking print. Despite the small space, Full Circle can take on huge printing jobs if need be. Each job is treated like it's their own work, and the results are pretty spectacular. It’s good to know that when we need a black-and -white print or a frame constructed, Full Circle is there for us.

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