Best Old School Volkswagen Place

City Paper

1911 Chester St., (410) 534-4680, (410) 534-4681

There’s a reason why you still can see the occasional old, air-cooled Volkswagen of the '70s and '60s chugging along on the early morning commute, looking sporty and still stand-offish after all these years. There’s also a reason why you see that beautiful orange Karmann Ghia on the side of the road on your way home. As alluring as those old tiny engine/ big heart vechicles can be, they still leave you miserable when they break down. The Volkswagen may have been built to run forever, but forever does have a shelf life when it comes to rust, wear and tear, and the fact that this modern world is now infused with computer sensors. Montez Jordan is one of the few who has the touch to not only keep these original art cars running, but the where-withal to rebuild everything from the upholstery to floorboards. The problem is his shop, rather hidden on the northeast corner of North Avenue and Chester Street, is his passion, not his livelihood, so he’s a bit discerning on what projects he takes.  But a good story can go a long way. 

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