Best Mechanic

City Paper

2901 Keswick Road, (410) 243-1120

The problem with not knowing shit about cars (or about anything else for that matter) is that you don’t know who to trust. Anybody could tell you your ball bearings are out of alignment—or whatever bad thing happens to them—and you have no way to know if they’re telling the truth. That’s where Amir at Top Tech comes in. In another life, Amir might have been a flying instructor for blind people, such is his patience. He keeps all kinds of car parts in various states of assembly around his small Remington office, so that he can show you in excruciating detail what’s going on inside your car. He talks about it like a science teacher who only wants you to understand the beauty of his lesson. He told us that he used to keep a complete engine in the office, but that it took up too much room. Car buffs, like the neighbor who referred us to him, can’t get enough. We, on the other hand, zoned out after the third or fourth intake valve lesson, but we had absolutely zero doubt that the man was being straight with us. 

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