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If you pick up a book in the “Local Authors” section of Mount Washington’s Ivy Bookstore—it’s a big section, about the same size as “religion/philosophy,” just to the right of the entrance—there’s a good chance it has been signed by the author. That’s because the Ivy, perhaps more than any other local bookstore, provides a forum for a wide range of local writers. In September alone, it’s hosting the release party for City Paper’s 2013 “Best Fiction” winner Jen Michalski’s new short-story collection, “From Here,” and events featuring Marc Farris (“Star Spangled Banner”), Natalie Wexler (“The Observer”), and Daryl Brown (“Inside the Godfather”). And it always has several copies of books from our favorite local authors including Laura Lippman, John Waters, and Wil S. Hylton. 

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