Best Barbershop

City Paper

31 S. Calvert St., (410) 685-7428,

We always thought that it was called “Quinntessential Gentleman,” but everything on the website sticks with the initials QG, which stands for the same thing, but is not quite as, err, quinntessential. And, we have to admit we were a little spooked by the spa aspect of the place—especially after we read about the luxury treatment of WTMD’s Sam Sessa in Style Magazine (we never wanted to think of Sam’s back hair, thank you very much). But when a friend recently got married, he went for a cut and ended up looking cool as hell, with a supersharp part on one side and a classic, almost  “Boardwalk Empire”-looking cut up top. Even more impressive: They asked him what else he needed before the wedding. “An alligator belt and to get my shirt pressed,” he told them. They took him upstairs and he had the belt in no time and was back for the shirt the next day. He also dropped off a bottle of whiskey. They wrote his name on it and are keeping it for him for next time. We think we’ll go with him.

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