Best Athletic Shoes

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Baltimore’s Nike represents on the streets via Superman tees, women of all ages in yoga and/or running pants, kids in socks and sport shorts, and men in basketball shorts, all with the little white UA logo—righteous, quality sportswear for sure but it’s Under Armour’s sneakers that are catching our attention of late. In colors and textures ranging from steel grey rubbery plastic to coral laces, magenta meshy material, and coal black soles, UA’s dope sneaks are a steal at prices $69.99 to just over $100, and very few at that—you can barely find Nikes on sale online for under a c-note. Double bonus: UA’s online outlet sells them at $20-$30 less than in their kicking and inspiring Inner Harbor East store—but stop by to try them on and fall in love with running. 

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