Best Ass

City Paper

339 N. Charles St., (410) 468-0767,

That giant poster of a tight little ass with the green hot pants facing Charles Street below the monument may make you think that it’s an American Apparel shop, but it’s actually PopPhysique, a hardcore barre/Pilates workout studio with locations all over CA and right here in Mount Vernon. Girlie sweat? More like: “Tuck,” “tuck,” and “tuck” until your gluteus maximus burns like a mothertucker, grab the bar with a pink ball squeezed between your upper thighs and move straight up and down an inch, plank—hold it—and lift your left foot off the ground and point. Not everyone aspires to an ass like the one in the poster, but the one-hour Pop Sculpt classes will strengthen your core, define your upper arms, work your abdomen, and, yup, tighten your ass—just beware the POP email blasts, which can be a little NSFW-assfull.

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