Best Waste of Beer--No, of Old Bay--No, wait, Beer--No...

City Paper

Welp, it’s after Labor Day, so we think that means the stream of Flying Dog’s misbegotten Dead Rise Summer Ale is trickling down to nothing, like the brewery promised it would, available only through September, and sure, it’s great they used the release to raise 10 grand for True Blue, a Chesapeake Bay watermen’s advocacy group, or maybe it’s just a good way to get people to drink this swill, wrap it up in a charitable cause, but enough already, Dog, pick another gimmick next time, this stuff tasted like bitter tears with a hint of paprika on the nose, and while we celebrate the rest of Flying Dog’s catalog (its Pale Ale, Oyster Stout, and Imperial IPA, for instance), we’ve got this stuff filed along with other summer stunt brews, such as the rash of shandy-type suckwater we’ve been tricked into trying all season. Hey Flying Dog, if you really wanna save the (Old) Bay, quit polluting your beer with it.

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