Best Use of a Silver Spoon

City Paper

Pabu had always been loved by the foodie and restaurant community, so when Four Seasons, the Mina Group, and the Harbor East Development Group suddenly announced they were closing it back in June, we were surprised. That is, until we found out that it’s being taken over by Ouzo Bay owners Alex Smith and George Aligeorgas. While that may not seem like a big deal, the plot thickens when you consider that Smith is the grandson of John Paterakis Sr., owner of H&S Bakery, and, more importantly, owner of H&S Properties Development, the company who bankrolled the development of Harbor East and owns the Four Seasons’ building. While we don’t doubt Smith’s ability to open good restaurants (Ouzo Bay has received stellar reviews), we can’t help but think he has a slight leg up on the moms and pops looking to open a joint with just their life savings and a dream.

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